5 Years of Entrepreneurship: What I learned about health (Weight Ups & Downs)

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Entrepreneurship / Fitness

When you start your company you don’t have a 9-5 job. For a while, I was working from 8:00 am until 24 pm. I remember, when our startup project FenixApps came to life, I slept from 3 am until 8 am.

It si important to notice that I was in active sport all my life, and for me, this was like breathing air, drinking water… something essential.

Changes in physical appearance 

During the office time, we used to eat some crappy food like pizzas, cookies, fried things etc. I was rapidly gaining weight, but I didn’t notice that transformation – maybe little bit. 🙂 My working day would start with bakery, lunch time was unregulary (Take what you can take. Read: pizza) for dinner again pizza (!) or something like that.

One of the reason was living in two cities (Zagreb & Split) at same time. I spend so much time on travel and couldn’t back on the track. This is problem with productivty and life rythm. Split is slower town than Zagreb, people’s lifstyle is different and it has big impact on my ability of doing some phisical activity.


2012. Digital marketing connference

Impact of phisonomy on physicaly

For someone who is whole life active in sport it had a large physical impact. I felt very bad with myself. My productivity was decreased… I felt I need some change in my life. Physical change also impacted my self-respect. Bad self-confidence lower my business-confidence.

All of this led to depression and I began to eat more and more. Everything seemed like a big black hole. And there is no return… I will start with health life again – delay…delay…delay… I don’t have a time, this is startup life, you know….


How to fight against that (weight up)?! 

I remember, when I was rommate with my friend Filip. We used to eat crap and drink etc…etc… 🙂 But one day (december 2013.) I said “Hey, dude, this sh*t should be stopped, take care of yourself!”. At January 2014. I break bad habits and roll changes in my life.  I dropped down for about 15 kg in three months and it wasn’t nothing spectacular. Read this:

  • Started to train at 6 am,  4 times a week.
  • Lowered carbohydrates intake (less bread, less pasta and similar food)
  • Increased protein food intake (chicken, tuna…)
  • Stopped drink Coke
  • Lowered sugar intake (through coffe)

Training at 6 am was crucial for me because I can’t manage it during the day. I would like to suggest this to all of you: just try. This is not so hard as you think.

It doesn’t mean I stopped eating junk food. I just started with trainings and regulated some food/drink intake. In my case, balance between food and training was crucial. I try to be realistic and I think that extreme isn’t necesary (with “fitness life” or “fat-laizy-food life”).

You should only hold balance. That’s it. 



What about rapidly Weight downs?! 

Summer 2015., I have been live in Osijek. Works on the hardest project, for about 4 months, in my professional carrer. I used to wake up at 6AM starts with work and going to bed at 1AM. Food. I think I used to eat just one meal per day. It was very bad…. I lost for about 10kg in 2 month.

Da malo sidnemo prije turističke (pješačke) ture po gradu. 😀

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Productivity boost more than 30%

5 years, I survived weight ups and downs. In my opinon, you should take care of yourself. You need time for physicaly activity and for normal meal… You have only one body, if you destroy it you will “last less”. When I live healthier life (nothing extreme) I feel better, my productivity is more than 30% higher than “normal”.

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