Entrepreneurs, Don’t Forget to Celebrate Small Victories

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Every new day is a new fight and a chance to do something on the way to accomplishing your goals. Our goals define our lives and every small movement is a big step towards achieving our goal. Sometimes, all of us forget to celebrate those small victories while we are waiting for the “big one”.  But this path towards our main goal could last for years on end. As an entrepreneur, I’m surrounded by people in entrepreneurship and I see that lots of them forget to live each day because they are waiting “the end of a journey“.


Entrepreneurship is a journey, not a goal

Almost four years have passed since I started my own business and the point of view then and now is different,  a lot different. I remember the period when I only pursued that “one big goal”. But I really forgot to live each day and everything led to unhappiness because I forgot to celebrate those small victories. When I’m talking about small victories, I mean all those small things that pave your path towards that “one big goal”. You hired a new employee, got a new customer, started exercising and living a healthy life,  read a new book, became more productive than last year etc… There are lots of “small goals (victories)” that define our journey and we should celebrate each and every one. This is not only the case with Entrepreneurs, this philosophy can be applied to every sphere of life.

What have I changed?

This is not easy, and it’s much harder than I’ve ever imagined, but it is the beauty of life. I have big goals and I know what I want to become one day, but without small goals (victories) this is impossible. Every new day is a chance to achieve a lot of small goals and to celebrate them. Every extra pull-up in the gym, a new book, a new client or a sunny day are the things that push me forward in my journey. On a daily basis, I work on improving myself and I try to surround myself with positive people. I want to be happy every day because you can’t turn back the time. Let’s be clear, I have a lot of hard days when I think about everything, and I have a lot of doubts and this is normal but hard days will pass. It is important that the journey doesn’t become “hard days“.

And what about achieving main goal if life just passes you by? This journey could last 5, 10, 20 years…a whole life! As an entrepreneur, I know that every achieved goal is a chance for defining a new one.  This is a circle of life and for me it never stops. I need “this goal”, it is my life and the thing that makes me want to get out of bed every morning.

Journey is a goal, not vice versa

The point of this article is that you should change the perspective on the things surrounding you as well as try to celebrate more the small victories because this is your life. Finally, I think that the point of life isn’t the “main goal”. The point is the journey, and this is the sense of life.

What do you think?