Valuable lessons I learned from book Win Your Inner Battles

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During years I used to write book notes to my paper notebook, but last month I decided to share all things I learned on my blog. 🙂

Last week I read a book by Darius Foroux Win Your Inner Battles. This book moved me to the great mood. I would like to insert some essential things that I learned from him while reading. Also, I’m a reader of this blog, I love that themes and would like to recommend this to everyone.


  1. Decide to be happy. Say NO stress, anxiety, pain, hurt. SAY NO!
  2. The author says fear is a choice. And this is the truth. It is all about choice.
  3. One thing from book shocked me. 65% of our thoughts are negative – research shows! OMG? Really?
  4. Stress releases hormone cortisol that could compromise our immune system.  Researchers found a relationship between cortisol and diabetes, osteoporosis, and other diseases. It was an interesting fact to me.
  5. It is all about progress. Progress makes us happy not money. Without actions, there is no progress? True! Take small steps. I don’t like Garry V., but I love his statement: “One is greater than zero.” Just keep walking.
  6. Control your mindset and actions. That is all we can control. Sometimes in life lot of things aren’t in our hands.
  7. Consistency is the only path to results. That is a problem for all of us. For example, people decide to start with gym, and they put very ambitious goals. For example, I want to do bench press with 140kg/ ten repetitions within two months. Sorry, bro… All you can do are injuries. Be patient, take small steps and be consistent.
  8. Visualization is a one of valuable tool we have. First time I use my visualization was before 15 years. I was a swimmer. During my training, I always visualize real competition and my results on training were better. I also read in some sales book that visualization before meetings improves our confidence and results.
  9. Well lived life is long enough? When I started to think about my last 30yrs, I realized It is true. But a lot of us waste our time on stupid things such as (TV Shows, Facebook, Twitter and similar activities). Think about time, where you spend it and how.
  10. Comparing with others. The worst thing we can do it. We are different people, with different paths and different life circumstances. And… Don’t believe everything you see – It is just a surface. Be better person every day that is your path and your life.
  11. The purpose is a decision. It is something we decide! Enough. It is all about choice!
  12. Help someone else If you want to be happy for a lifetime. I was a volunteer for about four years, and I realized It was something that makes me a better person and I was a happier person. Will do some changes. 🙂
  13. Enjoy the moment. We are always one step ahead or stuck in past…. But what about moments? What about a present? Is it your last moment? Who knows… Just be present and enjoy life. My best friend loves to say: “New day…New happiness”. Read my blog post about a path and small wins.
  14. We need to hear 17 positive affirmations to overwrite one negative message – MIT researchers said. Before almost six yrs I decided to STOP watching TV, read newspapers and read depressive/ negative/ political social media posts. Try to create your world; I believe that is all about choice and decision to think positive. Of course, We are people… We have Ups and Downs but… We choose.
  15. Keep A Journal. Great and helpful advice. Write thing down every day and try to understand your emotions, reactions, moods… More at Darius blog post.

Great book, great author. Just read it.